Annual Dinner Honors 2017 Achievements

The chorus held its annual board installation and awards dinner last Saturday evening.  It was an evening full of reflection, celebration, and more than a few tears as we reviewed 2017 and all that the chorus has done.  In this, the first of several posts on the event, we celebrate the contributions of some outstanding members who were recognized.  The chorus presented the following awards:

  1. Special Certificates of Merit to our Show Production Team of Joe Hage, Del Masson, and Greg Lund for their superb and continuing efforts to produce professional entertainment for our audiences.
  2. The Northwest Sound Award to the team that created our 2017 International Set – Ken Potter, Dan Keating, Ira Allen, Matt Astle, Scott Dave, Adrian Leontovich, Rob Mitchell, and Kendall Williams.
  3. The Board Award to be shared by Isaac Banner and Chris Powell for their amazing work in front of and behind the chorus.
  4. The President’s Award to Navon Rickertsen for keeping Bill on the straight and narrow all year.
  5. The Rookie of the Year Award was shared by Dante Santos and Matt Richman (pictured above, celebrating their award), two guys who have redefined what it means to leap in with both feet.
  6. The Barbershopper of the Year Award to Matt Astle for his truly amazing work as our arranger.

In the next post, we'll talk about the 2018 board installation - those who will lead us through the coming year.